About Us

HKIYA Zakath Fund

Please donate generously by sending cheque by mail to our postal address: P O Box 47110, Morrison Hill Post Office, G/F, 28 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. If you want to have an official receipt, please also send your original account deposit slip to us and write down at the back of it your name and mailing address.

Starting from the financial year commencing from 1 September 2004, our association (HKIYA) may charge an administrative fee of not more than 3%* of the total amount of Zakat distributed. This administrative fee is necessary to recover part of the running expenses incurred (such as IDD call charges, bank charges, losses in exchange difference, postages ..) in handling and distributing Zakat. (Note: *This percentage will be subject to review annually by the General Council of the HKIYA.)

Note: Individual who wants to apply for Zakat should fill in an application form which is available at the office of HKIYA. Each case will be considered by the Zakat Committee of HKIYA. The result will be notified to the applicant in due course. No immediate decision will be made on any walk-in application.


Who Benefits From Zakat?

  1. The Poor & the Needy – These people may have some wealth, but not enough to make up the Nissab.
  2. The Destitute–Such people have nothing other than the very basic necessities; they are worse off than the poor and destitute.
  3. Those employed to collect the zakat – this refers to those that collect as well as distribute the zakat.
  4. To reconcile hearts – traditionally, this category was for new Muslims who after having become Muslim faced extreme poverty due to their decision.
  5. Those who are indebted, but unable to settle their debt
  6. Travellers who have run out of money and would therefore have no way of reaching their final destination without help.