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Our Prophet

Men Around The Messenger

Author: Khaalid Muhammad Khaalid

SALMAAN AL-FAARISIY(God be pleased with him) The Seeker after Truth From Persia comes our hero this time, and from Persia many came to embrace Islam in the long run, and it made some of them extraordinary, unsurpassable in faith and knowledge in religion and worldly affairs. It is one of the wonders ...

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The Honour of The Beloved..Mustafa The Chosen One!

Author: Shazad Yaseen Eidgah Sharif

Every era and every time! Another enemy has spoken An attempt to degrade the honour of the Beloved! Yet they fail and frail away into the damps of dirt! Why waste our time talking of the enemy? Let's praise the one who is praised every second! Mustafa The Chosen One! The Devil attempts to smile but ...

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