Care for an Orphan (Incorperate with Muslim Aid Australia)

Date: 13 March 2024

Hong Kong Islamic Youth Association (HKIYA), a registered charitable organisation, is committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need. In partnership with Muslim Aid Australia (MAA), we have embarked on an important initiative to support 20 orphans for an ENTIRE YEAR, with a total amount of HKD 75,000.

香港伊斯蘭青年會(HKIYA)是一個註冊慈善組織,致力為有需要的人士改善生活。我們與澳洲慈善機構Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) 合作 “孤兒助養“計劃,全年為 20 名孤兒提供援助,總金額為港元75000。

Our collaboration with MAA allows us to extend our reach and maximise our impact, ensuring that these vulnerable children receive the care and support they deserve. As believers, we are inspired by the teachings of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who emphasized the significance of caring for orphans. In Sahih Al Bukhari, it is narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him will be in Paradise like this," symbolizing unity by bringing his index and middle fingers together.

我們與MAA的合作使我們能够擴大我們的影響力,確保這些弱勢兒童得到他們應得的照顧和支持。我們受到先知穆罕默德(願他平安)的教導和啟發,他強調了照顧孤兒的重要性。 在《布哈里聖訓實錄》中記載,先知(願他平安)說:“我和照顧孤兒並供養他的人將像這樣進入天堂”,並用食指和中指的結合象徵著團結。

HKIYA is a registered charitable organisation.
Tax Deductible Receipt will be issued for amount over $100
This initiative is Zakat-eligible.