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Ameer-ul-Momeneen Sayyidina Abu Bakar Siddique

Author: Seerat-e-Sayyidina Abu Bakar Siddique

The Successor of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam), Ameer-ul- Momeneen, Hazrat Sayyidina Abu Bakar Siddique (Radhiy Allahu Anhu)


The First proclamation of Hazrat Abu Bakar (Radhiy Allahu Anhu) :

“O people! I am raised to head you although I am not the best amongst you all. If I take right path do obey me, If I go astray do enlighten me. Truth is trust, falsehood dishonesty. The weakest amongst you stands stronger than me, until I acquire for him all he has right to. The stronger amongst you stands the smallest until I have drawn all he owes to you and all others. Remember! Those who forget the foremost duty of life, to live for Allah and to die for Allah, shall fall and corruption shall bring hardship and trouble. And Listen! If I obey Allah and His Prophet, do obey me and If I don’t your following me stands unnecessary obligation.”


Farewell Address to the Army of Osama (Radhiy Allahu Anhu :

Be Watchful, be trust worthy, be honest, be faithful and keep your words.

Don’t cut the hands and foot of the prisoners; don’t kill women, children and elderly.

Don’t destroy cultivated lands and acquire only your need and bare need only of food and slaughter animals to your requirement only.”