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Oh Allah !

Oh Allah, guide us with those who You’ve guided.


And forgive us with those who You’ve forgiven. And be an ally to us aling with those whomyou have allied with.


And bless for us what you’ve given us. And save us from any evil you’ve decreed.


We ask for Your forgiveness, oh our Lord, from all sins and mistakes and we repent to you.


And we believe in You and we rely on You. And we praise You for all that is good.You are the Wealthy and we are the needy to you.


Oh Allah, we’ve certainly come closer to You by reciting Your Book,


We made our mounts (camels) kneel (sit-park) at your door,


Don’t distance us away from your side (direction). For if you distance us, then we have no strength or power except with You.


Oh He who intercedes between one and hisheart, Intercede between us and the trials of this world and the oppression of (Your)slaves,


Intercede between us and the oppressive, corrupt and the tyrannical people.


Intercede between us and the world.


Oh Most Merciful of all who are merciful.


Oh Allah, send your blessing upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in those of old (the first) and in those of later times (the latter) and in every period and time.


And in the Exalted Assembly (Angels) until the day of Judgment. Oh Allah, deal with all who harm Your Messenger,


Oh Allah, deal with all who harm the Beloved of Allah and the best of Allah’s creations, And the Seal of the Messengers of Allah,


And our intercessor on the Day of Judgment to Allah.


Oh Allah, deal with all those who harm Islam and the Muslims.


Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector.


Let us live, oh Allah, as Muslims and let us die as Muslims, Without punishment or trials and without being replaced or exchanged.


Oh Most Compassionate! Oh Giver of all benefits! Oh Lord of Majesty and Generosity!


Oh Ever-Living, Sustainer of All!


We complain to you the weakness of our power and the limits on our means,


And how little valued (disregarded easy matter) we are to people.


On Most Merciful of all who are merciful! You are the Lord of the weak!


And You are our Lord! To whom will you entrust us?


To a distant person who will treat us with enmity? Or have You handled over our affairs to our enemy?


Unless is be Your anger upon us, which we could not tolerate, But Your forgiveness is more encompassing for us.


We seek refuge in the Light of Your Beloved Muhammad’s (SAW) Face for which darkness shine, and with which the affairs of this life and the Hereafter become good.


Oh Allah, if the Muslims are not worthy of Your support and victory then give victory to your religion, Islam. And liberate Al-Aqsa under the banners of Iman. And the cries of Takbir (Your glorification). And firm belief in Your Oneness, and grant us righteous prayer before death, By your mercy, oh Lord of the servants.


Oh Allah, make the beginning of this month a rejuvenation (for our Iman), And the middle of it prosperity and its end a success. And in it, grant us Your mercy and your forgiveness and ransom from Hell Fire, Spare us from Hell! And from the shame of Hell and from every action that brings us closer to Hell. And admit us into Paradise with the righteous.


Oh Allah, guide our sons and our daughters. And protect our daughters and our sons and guide us all. And grant our youth righteous companionship, in these countries (companionship) that would let them enjoin in good and forbid evil.


Oh Disposer of the needs and oh Replier of supplications! Spare our bodies in this blessed month from the Fire! And the bodies of our fathers, our mothers and all who have rights on us.

And forgive all of the deceased Muslims.And have mercy on our fathers and mercy on our mothers as they had mercy on us.


And send Your blessings upon our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) the best of Allah’s creation. And upon his family and companions and all who is guided by his guidance and send many blessings.

And all praise is due to the Lord of the Worlds.