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The Honour of The Beloved..Mustafa The Chosen One!

Author: Shazad Yaseen Eidgah Sharif

Every era and every time! Another enemy has spoken An attempt to degrade the honour of the Beloved! Yet they fail and frail away into the damps of dirt! Why waste our time talking of the enemy? Let's praise the one who is praised every second! Mustafa The Chosen One! The Devil attempts to smile but is left crying his supporters are still crying! What's bothering the devil so much? It's the Love of the Beloved! The veins in our bodies crave for Mustafa. The strong desire to drown in the ocean of love O Devil! Do what you want! We have no fear, no care or worry! We only follow and love the mercy of creation! Many voices say let's wake up! Defend the honour and the dignity of the Beloved Messenger! Shazad is helpless to defend himself! Who can truly defend the Beloved? The creator is the protector! Only Allah can defend his Beloved! O Beloved! We turn to you for guidance Enlighten our weak hearts with your light. We only ask for you Ya RasoolAllah Save us from the tricks of the enemies! Take us under your shade of mercy Labbayk Ya RasoolAllah..